Bettys Café Tea Room Menu and Prices [UPDATED]

Bettys Café Tea Room Menu

Since 1919, Betty’s has been a family business famous for its expertly blended tea and coffee; everything is handmade there. Bettys menu prices are quite affordable, but their passion for good service and quality makes it unique from others

Bettys’ menu features Breakfast Specialities, Main Dishes, Afternoon Tea, Sandwiches, Side Dishes, Cakes & Pâtisserie, Ice Cream sundaes, Bakeries, Hot & Cold drinks, teas, and more. They also offer gluten-free and vegan options for those following specific diets.

Just like any family, each Betty’s branch has its own personality and so do the delicious dishes on Bettys menu and the treats in the shops. Check out the latest Bettys menu price list –

Item Calorie Price

Breakfast Specialities

Breakfast items are served all day unless otherwise stated

Swiss Breakfast Rösti
Made with grated potato and gruyère cheese, and served with dry-cured bacon, tomato, mushroom, and a poached egg.
807 kcal £15.95
Florentine Rösti (V)
Made with grated potato, served with spinach, mushroom, tomatoes, poached eggs, and breadcrumbs.
587 kcal £15.50
English Breakfast
Dry-cured bacon, Yorkshire sausage, scrambled eggs, tomato, and mushroom, with toast.
783 kcal £14.75
With smoked beans. (Ve) 83 kcal £2.30
Vegan English Breakfast (Ve)
Smoked paprika aubergine, smoked beans, tomato, and mushroom. Served with a rösti, spinach, and toast.
667 kcal £13.75
With poached egg. (V) 79 kcal £2.30
Made with creamy rice, smoked haddock, aromatic spices, fresh coriander, sultanas, and flaked almonds, topped with a poached egg.
777 kcal £14.75
Speciality Poached Eggs
On a toasted muffin with hollandaise sauce.
Eggs Florentine with spinach (V) 577 kcal £12.95
Eggs Benedict with ham 595 kcal £13.25
Eggs Royale with smoked salmon 615 kcal £13.75
Scrambled Eggs on a Toasted Muffin
With smoked salmon 610 kcal £12
With dry-cured bacon 730 kcal £11.50
Bircher Muesli (Ve)
A Swiss specialty made with rolled oats, hazelnuts, sultanas, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds, topped with berries and raspberry sauce.
398 kcal £7.85
Pastry & Pikelet Selection* (V)
A collection of breakfast treats featuring a croissant, pain au chocolate, and two pikelets. *Pastry & Pikelet Selection is served until 11.30 am.
1118 kcal £8.50
Cinnamon Toast (V)
Our Craft Bakery bread is toasted, buttered, and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.
305 kcal £4.25

Imperial Breakfast 

A grand selection of breakfast specialties for two; served until 11.30 am.

Miniature Bircher muesli
Pain au chocolat
Toasted fruit loaf with cinnamon sugar.
Served with crème fraîche and berries.
Tea Room Blend tea or Americano coffee 1688 kcal
Accompanied by your choice of miniature rösti:
Poached egg and avocado 288 kcal
Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon 390 kcal
Poached egg and dry-cured bacon 464 kcal £45 (for two)
Served with a glass of fresh orange juice. 262 kcal £53.50 (for two)
Served with a glass of mimosa (12.5% vol.).
(125ml Glass)
£62 (for two)

Main Dishes

A grand selection of breakfast specialties for two; served until 11.30 am.

Bacon & Raclette Rösti
A Swiss specialty of grated potato, gruyère cheese, and cream, pan-fried with bacon and topped with raclette cheese.
686 kcal £16.75
Bettys Burger
A Yorkshire beef burger in a caramelized onion roll. Served with raclette cheese, mushroom, sweet pickled onions, Dijon mustard, and pommes allumettes.
1314 kcal £17.95
With smoked streaky bacon 108 kcal £2
Fried Fillet of Haddock
In crispy batter, and served with crushed peas and chips.
1240 kcal £17.25
Chicken Schnitzel
Yorkshire chicken coated in breadcrumbs, pan-fried until golden, and topped with gruyère cheese. Served with pommes allumettes, salad leaves, and cherry tomatoes.
1069 kcal £18.75
Yorkshire Rarebit
Made with Yorkshire Ale on Cobble bread. Served with ham, leeks, and tomatoes.
798 kcal £15.50
Salmon Salad
Salmon pan-fried in garlic and herbs, with sautéed new potatoes and mixed green salad, with Swiss dressing.
572 kcal £17.75
Smoked Haddock & Leek Rösti Fish Cake
Made with potato rösti and topped with a poached egg. Served with garlic and saffron mayonnaise, cherry tomatoes, pickled onion, and pea shoots.
807 kcal £15.25
Seasonal Quiche & Salad (V)
Deep-filled quiche served with carrot & coriander and cucumber, puy lentil & red pepper salads.
kcal on request £14.50
Soup of the Day (V)
Served with a freshly baked roll
kcal on request £8.25

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea and Yorkshire Cream Tea are served all day.

Traditional Afternoon Tea
A selection of Afternoon Tea sandwiches and miniature cakes, inspired by seasonal ingredients and annual celebrations. Served with a teapot for one of Tea Room Blend tea.
Please see the seasonal menu for details.
kcal on request £29.95
Traditional Afternoon Tea with Pink Champagne
Served with a glass of Collet Rosé Champagne 12.5% vol
Traditional Afternoon Tea with Prosecco
Served with a glass of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore 11.5% vol
If you would prefer a vegetarian or vegan selection, please let us know. Two-person option available
Yorkshire Cream Tea (V)
Two freshly baked sultana scones from our Craft Bakery. Served with strawberry preserve and clotted cream, with a teapot for one of Tea Room Blend tea. Vegan option is available on request. (Ve)
1040 kcal £13.50


Served with sweet pickled white cabbage salad, and in malted grain, wholemeal or white bread.

Club Sandwich
Yorkshire chicken breast with dry-cured bacon, tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise in toasted malted grain bread.
820 kcal £14.50
Yorkshire Chicken
With mayonnaise and lettuce.
464 kcal £8.95
Flaked Salmon & Prawn
With lemon mayonnaise and rocket.
517 kcal £9.95
Mediterranean Roasted Pepper (Ve)
With pickled onions, pine nut pesto, and oat fraîche.
331 kcal £8.25
Egg Mayonnaise & Cress (V)
Made with Yorkshire eggs.
473 kcal £7.25
Ham & Cheese
Ham and Fountains Gold cheddar, with Yorkshire apple chutney.
564 kcal £9.50

Side Dishes 

Mixed Side Salad (V)
Carrot & coriander, cauliflower and cucumber, puy lentil & red pepper salads with mixed leaves, and our Swiss dressing.
397 kcal £4.65
Chips (Ve) 523 kcal £4.50
Pommes Allumettes (Ve)
Continental-style fries.
424 kcal £4.50

Cakes & Pâtisserie

Please ask to see the cake trolley and choose from today’s selection.

Seasonal Cheesecake & Berries (V) kcal on request £8.95
Fruit Tart & Ice Cream (V) 448 kcal £8.95
Swiss Chocolate Torte & Ice Cream (V) 701 kcal £8.95
Fresh Fruit Cream Heart (V) 481 kcal £5.95
Grand Raspberry Macaroon (V) 202 kcal £5.75
Carrot Gugelhupf (Ve) 380 kcal £5.75
Yorkshire Curd Tart (V) 580 kcal £5.25
Vanilla Slice (V) 486 kcal £4.95
Chocolate Éclair (V) 291 kcal £4.75

Ice Cream Sundaes

Bettys Gooey Rascal Sundae (V)
Made with our Gooey Rascal, vanilla ice cream, candied peel, Swiss chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.
852 kcal £9.50
Betty Brown Bread Sundae (V)
Yorkshire brown bread ice cream with crushed macaroon, pecans, toffee sauce, and whipped cream.
822 kcal £9.25
Bettys Fruit Sundae (V)
Mixed berries in raspberry sauce, with vanilla and strawberry ice cream and whipped cream.
366 kcal £9.25

Fresh from the Bakery

Yorkshire Fat Rascal Scone (V)
Our famous plump, fruity scone. Served warm with butter.
829 kcal £5.75
Gooey Rascal (V)
A Rascal with chocolate chips and a Swiss chocolate caramel center. Served warm with whipped cream.
625 kcal £5.95
Sultana Scone (V)
With clotted cream and strawberry preserve.
510 kcal £4.75
Toasted with butter. 381 kcal £3.65
The vegan option is available on request. (Ve)
Rarebit Scone* (V) 317 kcal £3.65
Current & Sultana Teacake* (V)
*Served toasted with butter.
354 kcal £4


Finest quality leaf tea served in a teapot for one, with milk or lemon.


Bettys Tea Room Blend (Ve)
Our signature rich blend of fine African and Assam teas.
0 kcal £4.85
Earl Grey (Ve)
Refreshing and refined, delicately scented with bergamot.
0 kcal £4.95
Bettys Breakfast Tea (Ve)
A strong Gold Tippy Assam from the Brahmaputra Valley.
0 kcal £4.95


Golden Valley Darjeeling (Ve)
With a flowery delicacy originating from the elevated and picturesque Himalayan Golden Valley.
0 kcal £5.95
China Rose Petal (Ve)
Layered with fragrant rose petals, believed to keep the mind, body, and spirit in perfect harmony.
0 kcal £5.95
Jasmine Blossom (Ve)
A high-quality green tea infused with jasmine blossoms for a delicate and aromatic cup, best enjoyed without milk.
0 kcal £5.95
Ceylon Blue Sapphire (Ve)
Deliciously smooth black tea, with blue cornflower petals reminiscent of Sri Lanka’s famous sapphires.
0 kcal £5.95
Pi Lo Chun Green Tea (Ve)
A green China tea with a light, floral character, whose name means ‘spring green snail’ refers to its unique spiral leaves.
0 kcal £5.95
Yu Luo White Tea (Ve)
An exquisite China tea made from the delicate white buds that appear when the tea bush ‘awakens’ after winter.
0 kcal £5.95
Lemongrass & Ginger Tisane (Ve)
A refreshing caffeine-free infusion of rosehips, lemongrass, hibiscus and ginger.
0 kcal £4.75
Peppermint Tisane (Ve)
A ‘pick-me-up’ infusion of pure peppermint.
0 kcal £4.75

Coffees & Hot Chocolate

Freshly ground coffee served with hot milk or cream.


Americano (Ve)
A long black coffee brewed with our espresso.
0 kcal £4.25
Flat White (V)
A short coffee made with less milk, for a more intense flavor.
89 kcal £4.25
Cappuccino (V)
Made with our espresso.
130 kcal £4.50
Latte (V)
Made with our espresso.
124 kcal £4.50
Bettys Café Blend (Ve) (Cafetière for one)
A blend of premium Kenyan, Central American, and South American coffees. Medium roasted.
0 kcal £5.75
World’s Best (Ve) (Cafetière for one)
The perfect balance of Kenyan and South American beans. Medium roasted.
0 kcal £5.95
Bettys Espresso (Ve)
The finest beans from Java, Africa, and Latin America.
0 kcal £3.65
Latte Latino (V)
Made with espresso, hot milk, Swiss chocolate sauce and cinnamon.
197 kcal £4.75
Mocha (V)
Milky coffee with Swiss chocolate sauce and fresh whipped cream.
300 kcal £4.75
Hot Chocolate (V)
Made with Swiss chocolate sauce and topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate flakes.
525 kcal £4.95


Kenyan Karatina (Ve) (Cafetière for one)
From the central Kenya highlands, a balanced mix of lively citrus and honeyed sweetness. Medium roasted.
0 kcal £6.25
Colombian San Sebastian (Ve) (Cafetière for one)
A fruity coffee with blackcurrant and honey notes, grown on small farms around La Plata in the Andean foothills. Medium roasted.
0 kcal £6.25



175ml Glass Bottle
Brûlefer (Ve)
Crisp, dry, and fruity Fendant de Sion white wine. 12.5% vol.
£8.25 £32.95
Clos Du Château (Ve)
Full-bodied red wine with fruity, peppery notes. 13.5% vol.
£8.25 £32.95
Sortilège (Ve)
A refreshing rosé wine from Pinot Noir vines. 13.5% vol.
£8.75 £34.95
Centenary Swiss Wine (Ve)
A fresh, fruity wine with a subtle bouquet. 13.6% vol.
£8.95 £36.95


La Petite Perrière Sauvignon (Ve)
Lively and fresh white wine, with aromas of citrus and white flowers. France 12.5% vol.
£7.95 £30.95
Celebration White Wine (Ve)
An extraordinary, aromatic Alsace Gewürztraminer. France 13.5% vol.
£7.95 £30.95
Chevanceau Rouge (Ve)
Fruity and full-bodied red wine, blending Syrah and Grenache grapes and notes of aromatic Mediterranean herbs. France 13.5% vol.
£7.95 £30.95


Collet Brut Champagne (Ve) (125ml Glass)
Fresh and soft with notes of pear, apple, and candied lemon zest. 12.5% vol. (75cl Bottle)
£11.50 £59.95
Collet Rosé Champagne (Ve) (125ml Glass)
Velvety and supple with hints of mulberry, blackcurrant, and peach. 12.5% vol. (75cl Bottle)
£11.95 £62.95
Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore (Ve) (125ml Glass)
Fruity and dry organic Prosecco with notes of apple, fennel, and acacia blossom. 11.5% vol. (75cl Bottle)
£7.50 £38.95
Mimosa (V) (125ml Glass)
A refreshing mix of Collet Brut Champagne (12.5% vol.) and fresh orange juice.


Gin & Tonic (Ve) 
Premium Gin (43% vol.), made by Harrogate Tipple in Ripley using fresh botanicals and Harrogate Spring Water. Mixed to taste with Fever-Tree Tonic, Tonic Light, or Mediterranean Tonic.
(50ml) £8.95
Gin Liqueur & Tonic (Ve) 
A lovely ‘G & tea’ made with Harrogate Tipple Liqueur (43% vol.), flavored with leaves of our Afternoon Tea Blend. Mixed with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water and served over ice.
(50ml) £9.50


Timothy Taylor’s Landlord (Ve)
Winner of more national awards than any other beer, this classic strong pale ale has a flavor full of hops and sweetness. 4.1% vol.
(500ml Bottle) £7.50
Cold Bath Pilsner (Ve) 
A Pilsner whose deep flavor has strong notes of bread and caramel, brewed using a malt base blended with our Yorkshire Cobble loaves. 5.2% vol.
(330ml Bottle) £6


Milkshakes (V) 
Betty’s ice cream blended with milk and your choice of:
Bettys Swiss chocolate 464 kcal
Fresh banana 390 kcal
Raspberry 372 kcal
Strawberry  320 kcal
Fresh Orange Juice (V) 131 kcal £4.75
Traditionally Pressed Apple Juice (Ve) 138 kcal  £4.75
Bettys Lemonade (V)  120 kcal  £4.75
Elderflower Bubbly (Ve)  166 kcal  £4.75
Sparkling Apple (Ve)  108 kcal £4.75
Still or Sparkling Water (Ve)  0 kcal  (330ml) £3.95
Still or Sparkling Water (Ve)  0 kcal  (750ml) £6
Fever-Tree Tonic (Ve) 71 kcal £3.95
Fever-Tree Tonic Light (Ve) 30 kcal  £3.95
Organic Ginger Beer (Ve)  89 kcal  £4.75
Coca-Cola (Ve)  140 kcal  £3.95
Diet Coke (Ve)  0 kcal  £3.65
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Bettys menu


No matter what you’re in the mood for, Betty’s menu is sure to have something to satisfy your cravings.

The Bettys Café Tea Room menu is designed to offer a quick and satisfying meal for foodies while being aware of dietary limitations and health concerns.

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