Chai Sutta Bar Menu and Prices in India

Chai Sutta Bar Menu Prices in India

Back in 2016, Anubhav Dubey realized that Chai and Coffee had a long way to go and started the first Chai Sutta Bar outlet with an investment of Rs 3 lakh and expanded through the franchise model.

Today, there are 150+ outlets, five are company-owned, and the remaining are owned by franchisees.

They shifted from paper cups to Kulhad’s (earthen pots) and served seven types of chai, including chocolate flavor, rose chai, and ginger, besides the traditional masala, cardamom chai, and a special paan-flavored chai.

Chai Sutta Bar Price ranges between Rs 10 and Rs 200 for chai and other items that they offer including Maggi, sandwiches, and pizzas.

Today, I will tell you all about the Chai Sutta Bar Menu Prices, Wikipedia, and all you need to know about Chai Sutta Bar.

Chai Sutta Bar Chai Menu with Prices 2024

Check out the full menu of Chai Sutta Bar with updated price information.

Kulhad Chai

Item Price
Paan Chai ₹25
Elaichi Chai ₹25
Masala Chai ₹30
Adrak Chai ₹20

Ice Tea

Regular Ice Tea ₹89
Lemon Ice Tea ₹99
Classic Lemon Ice Tea ₹109

Cold Coffee

Beer Cold Coffee ₹99
Whiskey Cold Coffee ₹99
Rum Cold Coffee ₹99
Brandy Cold Coffee ₹99
Scotch Cold Coffee ₹99
Plain Cold Coffee ₹89
Choco Cold Coffee ₹99
Strong Cold Coffee ₹109
Ice Cream Cold Coffee ₹129
Brownie Cold Coffee ₹149

Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee ₹25
Strong Coffee ₹30
Chocolate Coffee ₹30
Strong Choco Coffee ₹30
Black Coffee ₹35
Beer Hot Coffee ₹40
Whiskey Hot Coffee ₹40
Rum Hot Coffee ₹40
Vodka Hot Coffee ₹40
Brandy Hot Coffee ₹40
Scotch Hot Coffee ₹40


Simply Veg Pizza ₹169
Loaded Veg Cheese Pizza ₹199
Sweet Corn Pizza ₹199
Herbal Delight Pizza ₹219
Mushroom Delight Pizza ₹219
Paneer Makhni Pizza ₹239


White Sauce Pasta ₹169
Mixed Sauce Pasta ₹179
Spicy Peri Peri Pasta ₹199


Veg Burger ₹99
Veg Cheese Burger ₹119
Paneer Burger ₹129
Mushroom Burger ₹149
Maharaja Burger ₹179


Bombay Grill ₹99
Peanut Butter Sandwich ₹99
Veggie Grill ₹109
Cheese Chutney ₹129
Chocolate Grill ₹129
Corn Mayo ₹139
Paneer Takatak ₹139
Tandoori ₹139
Maharaja ₹169


Regular Maggie ₹59
Double Masala Maggie ₹69
Schezwan Maggie ₹89
Veggie Maggie ₹89
Tandoori Maggie ₹89
Cheese Butter Maggie ₹109

Garlic Bread

Plain Garlic Bread ₹59
Cheese Garlic Bread ₹79
Mushroom Garlic Bread ₹119
Veggie Garlic Bread ₹119
Corn Garlic Bread ₹149


Salted Fries ₹69
Masala Fries ₹119
Tandoori Fries ₹139
Piri Piri Fries ₹149
Loaded Cheese Fries ₹159
Piri Piri Cheese Fries ₹179
Makhni Fries ₹189


Maska Bun ₹39
Garlic Bun ₹49
Chocolate Bun ₹59


Brownie ₹59
Ice Cream Brownie ₹79


Blueberry ₹99
Green Apple ₹99
Virgin ₹99
Kiwi ₹99
Strawberry ₹99
Black Currant ₹99


Vanilla Shake ₹89
Butterscotch Shake ₹99
Strawberry Shake ₹99
Oreo Shake ₹109
KitKat Shake ₹109
Dairy Milk Shake ₹109
Brownie Shake ₹159

Chai Sutta Bar Chai Menu Specials

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