Nékter Juice Bar Menu Prices + New Year Offerings

Nékter Juice Bar Menu Prices

Nékter Juice Bar is a modern juice bar that nourishes America’s rising appetite for plant-based, healthy food options. We are here to help you with the latest Nékter Juice Bar menu prices.

Nékter offers a scrumptious menu of freshly made and nutrient-rich juices, smoothies, acai bowls, and a variety of healthy snacks.

Nékter’s menu is beautifully simple: six fresh juices, seven smoothies, and five açaí bowls, plus a variety of healthy snacks.

From American favorites to unique creations, the Nékter Juice Bar menu is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Let’s dive into the culinary delights that await you at Nékter Juice Bar.

Nékter Juice Bar Menu Prices


Popular Items

The Greenie™ $9.02
Açaí Banana Berry $10.68
Açaí Mango $10.67
Health Nut $8.18


Acai Banana Berry Bowl $11.42
Watermelon Sorbet Bowl $14.04
Peanut Butter Bowl $11.69
Almond Butter Bowl $12.93
Acai Mango Bowl $11.44
Acai Superfood Bowl *updated* $13.81
Dragon Fruit Bowl $11.47
Acai Superfood Bowl $13.55
Protein Power $13.78
Immunity Bowl Combo $13.78
Immunity Bowl $14.15
PBandJ Bowl $14.55


Berry Chia Parfait $6.11
PBandJ Chia Parfait Made to Order $6.28
Banana $1.30
Chocolate Protein Poppers $6.90
Coconut Protein Poppers $6.89
Crunchy Peanut Protein Poppers $6.91
Sabra Hummus Snack Pack $4.99
Kind Bar – Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt $3.15
Perfect Bar Chocolate Chip Snack Size $1.97
Lenny and Larry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie $4.39
Crunchy Peanut Protein Bites $6.22
Lesser Evil Popcorn $2.34
Chocolate Protein Bites $6.16
Elemental Bar Blueberry Cashew and Lemon $4.40
Elemental Bar Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter $4.40
Kind Bar – Caramel Almond Sea Salt $3.17
Pop Chips “Crazy Hot” $2.11
Coconut Protein Bites $6.16
Pirates Booty White Cheddar Popcorn $1.61
Wheat Thins and Sargento Snack Packs $5.02
Cliff Builders Bar – Chocolate Peanut Butter $3.61
VR Cauliflower Puffs $2.51
Luna Lemon Zest Bar $2.47
Sabra Guacamole and Chips Snack Pack $5.04
Apple $1.25
Kind Bar – Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew $3.16
Organic Valley Aseptic Chocolate Milk $2.73


Elderberry Shot $3.85
Turmeric Shot $3.87
Ginger Shot $3.86
Immunity Shot $3.74


Toxin Flush $9.01
The Little Beet $8.87
Buzz $8.89
Green Apple Detox $8.88
Celery Refresh $8.92
Make Your Own Juice $9.76

Grab N Go’s

Berry Detox Skinny Lemonade $7.96
Turmeric Citrus Lemonade $8.00


1 Day Classic Detox Cleanse $50.19
3 Day Classic Detox Cleanse $150.06
2 Day Classic Detox Cleanse $100.03
5 Day Classic Detox Cleanse $250.05
4 Day Classic Detox Cleanse $200.03
6 Day Celery Detox Cleanse $50.03

Fusion Blends

Banana Boost $8.64
Slender Greens $8.64


Turmeric Sunrise $8.74
Berry Banana Burst $8.75
Pink Flamingo $8.57
Popeye’s Açaí Smoothie $8.13
Popeye’s Acai $8.21
Mango Delight $8.75
Make Your Own Smoothie $9.32
Orange Crush $8.71
Tropical Cooler $8.62

Superfood Smoothies

Berry Banana Burst Smoothie $8.04
AB Health Nut Smoothie $9.10
Pink Flamingo Smoothie $8.04
Popeye’s Acai Smoothie $7.98
Mango Delight Smoothie $8.04
Turmeric Sunrise Smoothie $8.06
PB Health Nut Smoothie $7.93
Orange Crush Smoothie $8.04
Watermelon Berry Smoothie $8.03

Handcrafted Bowls

Dragon Fruit $10.70
Acai Peanut Butter $10.60
Protein Power Bowl $12.65
Acai Peanut Butter Bowl $10.56
Açaí Superfood $12.64
Acai Almond Butter Bowl $11.84

Fresh Juices

The Greenie Juice $8.12
Toxin Flush Juice $8.14
The Sublime $8.98
The Sublime Juice $8.14
The Little Beet Juice $8.14
Green Apple Detox Juice $8.12
The Buzz Juice $7.99
Watermelon Cooler Juice $8.04


Chocolate Bliss $5.44
Coconut Vanilla Skoop $5.53
Skoop Toppings $1.19

Grab N’ Go’s

Celery Detox $9.30
Healing Greens $9.35
Classic Greens $9.11
Strawberry Pitaya Protein $8.90
Turmeric Citrus $8.96
Vanilla Spice Superfood Protein $10.08
Magic Butterfly $9.54
Vital Proteins Collagen Water Strawberry Lemon $5.67
Charcoal Skinny Lemonade $8.25
Superfood Protein $8.85
Nekter Electrolyte Water $3.17
Vital Proteins Collagen Water Blackberry Hibiscus $5.66
Nekter Spring Water $1.92
Berry Detox $7.95
Skinny Lemonade $7.90

The regular, 24-ounce size of Nékter’s protein-packed functional, superfood smoothies include:

  • Coffee Kickstart, 20 grams of protein
  • Health Nut, 34 grams of protein
  • PB&J Smoothie, 28 grams of protein
  • PB Mocha, 40 grams of protein
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Smoothie, 23 grams of protein

Additionally, guests can enjoy these high-protein Functional Bowls with generous amounts of protein:

  • Chocolate Bowl, 23 grams of protein
  • PB&J Bowl, 30 grams of protein
  • Protein Power Bowl, 33 grams of protein

Nékter Juice Bar Menu

Nékter Juice Bar contact details

Have questions about Nékter Juice Bar menu items or cleanse products? Want to leave feedback? get in touch with them by using the following contact details:

phone number – 1-800-385-1650.

email – contact@nekterjuicebar.com.

Contact form.

Nékter Juice Bar Menu FAQs

Is Nékter Juice Bar a franchise?

Nékter Juice Bar has franchises in many parts of the world.

Does Nékter Juice Bar drug test?

No, Nékter Juice Bar does not drug test.

Does Nékter Juice Bar use real fruit?

Yes, Nékter Juice Bar uses real fruit.

Does Nékter Juice Bar have a secret menu?

Yes, Nékter Juice Bar has a secret menu. You need to ask for those hidden items while ordering.

Does Nékter Juice Bar give free drinks on your birthdays?

Yes, Nékter Juice Bar does give free drinks on your birthdays,

Does Nékter Juice Bar have Acai bowls?

Yes, Nékter Juice Bar does have Acai primo bowls.

Is Nékter Juice Bar healthy?

Yes, Nékter Juice Bar is very healthy.

Is Nékter Juice Bar vegan?

Nékter Juice Bar is not completely vegan. You can check the above vegan menu to know the options it provides for vegans.

Is Nékter Juice Bar gluten-free?

Yes, almost all Nékter Juice Bar smoothies are gluten-free.


Nékter Juice Bar is the right option for you if you have decided to lead and follow a healthy diet routine. Visit Nékter Juice Bar to get the best health results, but before that, make sure you know all about the Nékter menu and its prices.

Hope this information will help you to know about the latest Nékter Juice Bar menu prices.

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