Prezzo Menu & Prices in UK

Prezzo Menu Prices UK

Prezzo has been serving Italian food in the UK since 2000. Here you’ll find all the items on the Prezzo menu- from appetizers to pizzas to pasta and their prices. 

Since its arrival, Prezzo has been known for its trendy Italian cuisine served in a stylish and inviting atmosphere.

Prezzo offers a diverse menu featuring a variety of Italian-inspired dishes- from classic pizzas and appetizers to pasta, salads, grills, and delectable desserts. A kids menu is also available.

Prezzo’s commitment to offering gluten-free and vegetarian options caters to a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences. Below are latest Prezzo Menu & Prices in UK –

Menu Item Price

Most Popular

Margherita £12.50
Spaghetti with King Prawns £16.95
Rigatoni Arrabbiata £12.50
The Prezzo Beef Burger & Fries £16.50
Rigatoni Alla Rusticana £15.95


Spaghetti Carbonara £15.50
Rigatoni Arrabbiata £12.50
Spaghetti Bolognese £15.50
Spaghetti with King Prawns £16.95
Rigatoni Alla Rusticana £15.95
Crab & Lobster Ravioli £17.95
Spinach Creste Di Galo with Pesto, Peas & Burrata £14.95
Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese £15.50
Chicken Alfredo Rigatoni £15.95
Oak-Smoked Salmon Rigatoni £16.95


Margherita £12.50
Pepperoni £13.50
Ham, Mushroom & Mascarpone £15.95
Tre Gusti £16.95
Dolce e Piccante (spicy) £15.95
Chicken & Roasted Peppers £14.95
Courgette, Ricotta & Sundried Tomatoes £14.95
Goat’s Cheese & Roasted Peppers £14.95

Grills & Mains

Truffle Burrata Beef Burger and Truffle Fries £18.50
Caesar Salad £11.75
The Prezzo Chicken Burger & Fries £16.50
Orzo, Tomato and Ricotta Salad £11.75
The Prezzo Beef Burger & Fries £16.50
Truffle Burrata Chicken Burger with Truffle Fries £18.50
Chicken, Bacon & Avocado Salad £14.25

Starters & Sides

Pea & Pecorino Arancini £8.95
Crispy Fried Mozzarella £7.95
Truffle Fries £5.50
Calamari £8.95
House Fries £4.50
Garlic Bread with Mozzarella £7.00
Garlic Bread £5.50
Garlic Bread with Balsamic Onions & Mozzarella £7.50
Olives £3.95
Italian Hummus £5.95
Mixed Salad £4.25
Seasonal Greens £4.75


Honeycomb Smash Cheesecake £7.95
Prezzo’s Best Ever Chocolate Cake £7.95
Biscoff Cheesecake with Banana £7.95
Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake (V) £6.39
Banoffee Tiramisu (V) £6.39
Milk Chocolate Fudge Cake (V) £5.99
Salted Caramel Arctic Slice (V) £6.29
Sticky Toffee Pudding (V) £5.99
Amaretti and Carrot Cheesecake (V) £5.99
Panna Cottas (V) (GF) £5.99
Honeycomb Smash Cheesecake (V) £6.29
Italian Cheese Board £6.39
Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate Ice Cream (V) (GF) (2 Scoops) £3.99


Kids Pasta Carbonara £5.45
Kids Pasta in a Tomato Sauce £4.75
Kids Pasta Bolognese £5.45
Kids Crispy Fried Mozzarella £3.95
Kids Prezzo Burger £5.45
Kids Garlic Bread £3.45
Kids Cheese & Tomato Pizza £4.45
Kids Pepperoni Pizza £5.00
Kids Chicken, Roasted Peppers & Balsamic Onion Pizza £5.45
Kids Grilled Chicken Salad £5.00
Kids Vegetable Sticks with Hummus £3.00
Kids Chocolate Dippers £3.00


Garlic Mayonnaise £1.00
Garlic Butter £1.00
Truffle Mayonnaise £1.00
Calabrese Ketchup £1.00
Calabrese Mayonnaise £1.00
Pestonnaise £1.00
Chilli Oil £0.30
Italian Hard Cheese £0.30

Prezzo Drinks menu prices

Menu Item Price

Soft Drinks

Pepsi Bottle 330ml £3.75
J2O Orange & Passionfruit Bottle 275ml £3.75
7Up Free Bottle 330ml £3.75
Viva Kids Milk Chocolate £1.50
Fruit Shoot Apple & Blackcurrant £2.00
Diet Pepsi Bottle 330ml £3.75
Viva Kids Milk Strawberry £1.50
Pepsi Max Bottle 330ml £3.75
San Pellegrino Bottle 500ml £3.75
Acqua Panna Bottle 500ml £3.75
Fruit Shoot Orange £2.00
Lemon Basil Trip Can 250ml £4.95
Appletizer (275ml) £2.79
Appletizer Apple & Pomegranate £2.79
S. Pellegrino Orange or Lemon £2.69
Acqua Panna Mineral Water (50cl) £2.69
Acqua Panna Mineral Water (1 Liter) £3.99

Hot Drinks

Espresso £2.39
Double espresso £2.59
Cappuccino £2.89
Caffe Latte £2.89
Fresh Ground Coffee £2.49
Tea £2.39
Hot Chocolate £2.89
Macchiato £2.89
Mocha £2.89
Hazelnut, Vanilla or Caramel Coffee £0.49


Aperol Spritz £5.99
Gin & Elderflower Cooler £5.99
Prezzo Royale £5.99
Porn Star Martini £6.59
Negroni £6.59
Amaretto Sour £5.99
Espresso Martini £5.99
Aranciata £5.99

Sparkling Wines

Prosecco Extra Dry, Il Baco Da Seta (125ml) £4.99
Prosecco Extra Dry, Il Baco Da Seta (Bottle) £25.49
Gancia, Pinot Di Pinot Brut Rose (175ml/250ml/Bottle) £5.39
Gancia, Pinot Di Pinot Brut Rose (Bottle) £25.49
Veuve Clicquot, Yellow Label (Bottle) £49.99
Gancia, 36 Mesi (Bottle) £32.49

White Wines

Grillo, Terre Siciliane Rapitala (175ml/250ml/Bottle) £5.99/£7.49/£21.49
Sauvignon Blanc, Bella Dea, Veneto (175ml/250ml/Bottle) £6.39/£7.79/£22.49
Gavi, Enrico Serafino (Bottle) £27.49
Prezzo Bianco (175ml/250ml/Bottle) £4.49/£5.89/£15.79
Soave, Vitis Nostra (Bottle) £5.29
Pinot Grigio, Solstice, Delle Venezie (175ml/250ml/Bottle) £5.29/£6.89/£18.99
Chardonnay, Domini Villa Lanata, Langhe (125ml/175ml/250ml) £4.59/£6.29/£7.99
Chardonnay, Domini Villa Lanata, Langhe (Bottle) £24.49
Pinot Grigio, Bocelli, Delle Venezie (Bottle) £25.99

Rose Wines

Merlot Rose, Castelbello (Bottle) £17.99
Pinot Grigio Rose Delle Venezie, Solstice (175ml/250ml/Bottle) £5.39/£6.99/£19.49

Red Wines

Pinot Nero, Lamberti, Delle Venezie (Bottle) £20.49
Syrah, Fontana Candida, Lazio (175ml/250ml/Bottle) £6.19/£7.59/£21.49
Merlot, Gran Valentino, Veneto (Bottle) £22.49
Prezzo Rosso (175ml/250ml/Bottle) £4.49/£5.89/£15.79
Barbera, Vinuva, Provincia Di Pavia (Bottle) £17.49
Merlot, Corte Vigna, Italia (175ml/250ml/Bottle) £5.29/£6.89/£18.99
Chianti Celsus, Trambusti (175ml/250ml/Bottle) £5.59/£7.19/£19.99
Nero D’Avola, Da Luca, Terre Siciliane (Bottle) £19.49
Malbec, Arcata Di Luce, Veneto (175ml/250ml/Bottle) £6.39/£7.89/£27.49

Spirits & Liqueurs

Spirits & Liqueurs £3.49
Baileys & Campari £3.79
Aperol (50ml) £3.49
Limoncello (50ml) £3.49
Mixers £1.79

Beer & Cider

Peroni Nastro Azzurro 5.1% (Half Pint) £4.29
Peroni Nastro Azzurro 5.1% (Pint) £6.59
Aspall Suffolk Cider 5.5% £3.99
Peroni Gran Riserva 6.6% £4.89
Peroni Nastro Azzurro Draught (Half Pint) £2.99
Na Biretta Chiara £4.99
Peroni Nastro Azzurro Draught (Pint) £4.99
Nastro Azzurro Gluten Free 5.1% ABV (33cl) £4.29
Beck’s Blue Low Alcohol Lager 0.05% £3.39

Alternatives to Prezzo in UK

  • PizzaExpress – This well-known Italian restaurant serves delicious pizzas and Italian-inspired dishes. With a variety of toppings and crust options, PizzaExpress is a popular choice among pizza lovers.
  • Zizzi – Another Italian restaurant chain offering a diverse menu of Italian dishes- from pizzas to pasta, salads, etc. Known for its modern and stylish ambiance, Zizzi offers a superb dining experience for families looking to enjoy a taste of Italy.
  • Bella Italia brings the taste of Italy to UK with its extensive menu featuring traditional Italian dishes. From classic pasta dishes to antipasti platters and desserts, Bella Italia offers an authentic dining experience.
  • ASK Italian – a well-renowned Italian restaurant that serves an array of Italian dishes- from wood-fired pizzas to hand-made pasta dishes. This is a go-to spot for those looking for Italian flavors in a modern dining environment. 
  • Carluccio’s is another name when it comes to Italian food. Offering a blend of classic and modern dishes, Carluccio’s menu showcases the best of Italian cuisine.

Prezzo Menu

FAQs on Prezzo Menu in UK

What type of cuisine does Prezzo have in the UK?

Prezzo serves authentic Italian cuisine offering a diverse menu featuring a variety of classic Italian dishes.

Does Prezzo offer any vegetarian or vegan options on the Prezzo menu?

Yes, Prezzo is aware of dietary preferences and provides a range of vegetarian and vegan options on its menu. From plant based pizzas to pasta & salads, there are plenty of choices for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy.

Is there a service charge at Prezzo?

Yes, they automatically stick a 10% service charge onto the bill without telling you.

Does prezzo do meerkat meals?

Yes, Prezzo is proud to partner with Meerkat Meals providing over 4 million money-saving members with savings.

Does Prezzo offer any gluten-free options on its menu?

Yes, Prezzo is aware of dietary preferences and provides a range of gluten-free options on its menu.


Prezzo is famous because of its exceptional taste. Excellent food paired with a warm and welcoming ambiance makes it a famous choice for both- casual gatherings and special occasions.

The restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring contemporary Italian cuisine- from classic pizzas and appetizers to pasta, salads, grills, and tasty desserts. A separate kids menu, gluten-free and vegetarian options cater to a range of tastes and dietary preferences.

If this Prezzo menu prices guide was helpful or inaccurate, please let us know by leaving a comment. You can also check vegan-friendly options available at Prezzo.

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