Surcheros Fresh Mex Menu Prices

Surcheros Menu Prices

When it comes to Tex-Mex food, Surcheros Fresh Mex shines through. Surcheros Fresh Mex Menu is designed to open up a different world of taste for Americans. We are here to help you with the Surcheros menu and pricing details. 

The menu at Surcheros is nothing short of a dream for Surcheros Fresh Mex enthusiasts. The Surcheros Fresh Mex menu can satisfy every craving and leave them, asking for more scrumptious, savory meals.

Surcheros menu includes starters, tacos, nachos, salads and soups, fajitas, burritos bowls, sides, kids menu, family meals, combos, party platters, desserts, and beverages.

Choose from perfectly grilled meats, handpick your favorite toppings, and signature sauces, and top it all off with some white cheese dip to share.

The Surcheros menu is designed to suit the tastes of Americans, along with a touch of Mexican cuisine. Check out the complete v menu prices in the below.

Surcheros Fresh Mex Menu Prices

Item Price

Grilled Burritos

Choose a tortilla, load with your favorite toppings. Served with chips & salsa.
Surcheros Burrito (Carnitas) $11.39
Surcheros Burrito (Grilled Chicken) $11.39
Surcheros Burrito (Ground Beef) $11.39
Surcheros Burrito (Sirloin Steak) $13.48
Mini Burrito (Carnitas) $9.39
Mini Burrito (Grilled Chicken) $9.39
Mini Burrito (Ground Beef) $11.18
Mini Burrito (Sirloin Steak) $11.48
Mini Burrito (Veggie) $9.39
Veggie Burrito $10.09

Burrito Bowls

All your favorite toppings without a tortilla. Served with chips & salsa.
Loaded Bowl (Carnitas) $11.39
Loaded Bowl (Grilled Chicken) $11.39
Loaded Bowl (Ground Beef) $11.39
Loaded Bowl (Sirloin Steak) $13.48
Veggie Bowl $10.09


Includes two tacos served with chips & salsa.
Surcheros Tacos (Carnitas) $10.49
Surcheros Tacos (Grilled Chicken) $10.49
Surcheros Tacos (Ground Beef) $10.49
Surcheros Tacos (Sirloin Steak) $12.58
Veggie Tacos $9.09
Single Taco (Carnitas) $4.09
Single Taco (Grilled Chicken) $4.09
Single Taco (Ground Beef) $4.09
Single Taco (Sirloin Steak) $5.88
Single Taco (Veggie) $4.09


Fresh chips with your favorite toppings and cheese dip.
Surcheros Nachos (Carnitas) $12.69
Surcheros Nachos (Grilled Chicken) $12.69
Surcheros Nachos (Ground Beef) $12.69
Surcheros Nachos (Sirloin Steak) $14.78
Mini Nachos (Carnitas) $10.69
Mini Nachos (Grilled Chicken) $10.69
Mini Nachos (Ground Beef) $10.69
Mini Nachos (Sirloin Steak) $12.78
Mini Nachos (Veggie) $10.69
Veggie Nachos $11.39


Iceberg, romaine or spinach, served with or without a taco salad bowl.
Chargrilled Salad (Carnitas) $11.39
Chargrilled Salad (Grilled Chicken) $11.39
Chargrilled Salad (Ground Beef) $11.39
Chargrilled Salad (Sirloin Steak) $13.48
Veggie Salad $10.09


We start with a tortilla and cheese, add your favorite toppings, grill, and fold for you to enjoy. Served with chips & salsa.
Loaded Quesadilla (Carnitas) $11.39
Loaded Quesadilla (Grilled Chicken) $11.39
Loaded Quesadilla (Ground Beef) $11.39
Loaded Quesadilla (Sirloin Steak) $13.48
Mini Quesadilla (Carnitas) $9.39
Mini Quesadilla (Grilled Chicken) $9.39
Mini Quesadilla (Ground Beef) $9.39
Mini Quesadilla (Sirloin Steak) $11.48
Mini Quesadilla (Veggie) $9.39
Light Quesadilla (Meat Quesadilla) $10.09
Light Quesadilla (Veggie Quesadilla) $10.09
Cheese Quesadilla $7.99

The Lil’ Ones

Served with chips, kids’ drink, and a sweet treat. Includes protein and three toppings OR remove the protein and add your choice of five toppings.
Lil’ Burrito (Carnitas) $7.99
Lil’ Burrito (Grilled Chicken) $7.99
Lil’ Burrito (Ground Beef) $7.99
Lil’ Burrito (Sirloin Steak) $9.78
Lil’ Burrito (Yes, add cheese dip!) $9.78
Lil’ Burrito (No, thank you!) $7.99
Lil’ Taco (Carnitas) $7.49
Lil’ Taco (Grilled Chicken) $7.49
Lil’ Taco (Ground Beef) $7.49
Lil’ Taco (Sirloin Steak) $9.28
Lil’ Taco (Yes, Upgrade to Regular) $8.38
Lil’ Taco (Yes, Upgrade to Large) $8.68
Lil’ Taco (No, thank you.) $7.49
Lil’ Nachos (Carnitas) $9.39
Lil’ Nachos (Grilled Chicken) $9.39
Lil’ Nachos (Ground Beef) $9.39
Lil’ Nachos (Sirloin Steak) $11.18
Lil’ Quesadilla (Carnitas) $7.99
Lil’ Quesadilla (Grilled Chicken) $7.99
Lil’ Quesadilla (Ground Beef) $7.99
Lil’ Quesadilla (Sirloin Steak) $9.78
Lil’ Quesadilla (Yes, add cheese dip!) $9.78
Lil’ Quesadilla (No, thank you!) $7.99
Lil’ Veggie Burrito (Yes, add cheese dip!) $9.78
Lil’ Veggie Burrito (No, thank you!) $7.99
Lil’ Veggie Taco (Yes, Upgrade to Regular) $8.38
Lil’ Veggie Taco (Yes, Upgrade to Large) $8.68
Lil’ Veggie Taco (No, thank you.) $7.49
Lil’ Veggie Nachos (Yes, Upgrade to Regular) $10.28
Lil’ Veggie Nachos (Yes, Upgrade to Large) $10.58
Lil’ Veggie Nachos (No, thank you.) $9.39
Lil’ Veggie Quesadilla (Yes, add cheese dip!) $9.78
Lil’ Veggie Quesadilla (No, thank you!) $7.99


Your favorite dips, salsas, and add-ons.
White Cheese Dip (Small) $1.79
White Cheese Dip (Medium) $3.19
White Cheese Dip (Large) $5.59
Guacamole (Small) $2.09
Guacamole (Medium) $3.29
Guacamole (Large) $5.69
Sides of Meat $0.00
Side of Rice $3.19
Side of Beans $3.19
Sour Cream $0.99
Corn Salsa $0.00
Chips and Dip $0.00


White Cheese Dip $1.69
Guacamole $1.79
Corn Salsa $2.49
Chips & Salsa $2.79
Extra Chicken $2.49
Extra Ground Beef $2.49
Extra Steak $3.79
Soft Taco $3.49
Crunchy Taco $3.49
Soft Steak Taco $4.49
Crunchy Steak Taco $4.49
Rice $2.79
Beans $2.79
Oreo Cookies $1.19


Surcheros Sauce $0.79
Sweet & Sour $0.79
Southwestern Vinaigrette $0.79
Ranch Dressing $0.79
Lite Ranch $0.79
Lite Italian $0.79
Lite Thousand Island $0.79


Select Fresh Brewed Teas, Lemonade, Coke Products, and other beverage options.
Regular Soft Drink $2.49
Large Soft Drink $3.09
Lil’ Soft Drink $1.99
Gallon Sweet Tea $11.59
Gallon Unsweet Tea $11.59
Gallon Lemonade $11.59
Water Cup $0.39


Don’t forget dessert!
Oreo Cookies $1.09

Surcheros Fresh Mex Contact details


1484 Sadler Rd, Fernandina Beach
FL 32034, USA


Surcheros menu

Surcheros Fresh Mex Menu FAQs

Does Surcheros Fresh Mex have a gluten-free menu?

Yes, Surcheros Fresh Mex has a gluten-free menu.

Is Surcheros Fresh Mex good?

Surcheros Fresh Mex has a huge customer base owing to its Tex-Mex menu and relaxed atmosphere.

Does Surcheros have vegan options?

Yes, some Surcheros Fresh Mex restaurants do serve vegan options.

Does Surcheros Fresh Mex deliver?

Yes, Surcheros Fresh Mex offers delivery services.

What time does Surcheros open?

Surcheros Fresh Mex opens at 11 am.

What time does Surcheros close?

Surcheros Fresh Mex, closing time is 11 pm.

Does Surcheros have free chips and salsa?

Yes. Surcheros Fresh Mex has free chips and salsa.


Surcheros is a Tex-Mex restaurant serving up mouth-watering burritos, quesadillas, nachos and more! the restaurants are themed to depict chilled, easy vibes and offer a wide variety of Mexican cuisine with some little Texas food too.

Surcheros Fresh Grill serves food that not just looks green and is mouth-watering, but it tastes healthy and awesome. For one thing, Surchero’s menu will certainly satisfy every Mexican craving.

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